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Rossodisera Events in italiano. Organizzazione eventi, noleggio arredi e attrezzature a Milano, Lombardia e non solo


Tipology: Restaurant, club, lounge bar
Dimensions: 150-250 m2
Position: Milan Center

Restaurant, discotheque, club, meeting point for artists. Elegant and sophisticated in every aspect. The architecture of its interiors is famous, especially the restaurant room, with the two big hands. They represent the god Shu, who saves the human kind by supporting the ceiling, which symbolizes the hypnotizing and oppressing technology.
It' s located in the south part of the center.

Rossodisera Events srl
Via Eugenio Curiel 47
20017 - Mazzo di Rho (MI)
Tel. +39-0249795950 - +39-3292168067
Fax: +39-0249795950
P.iva: 09498080960

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