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Rossodisera Events in italiano. Organizzazione eventi, noleggio arredi e attrezzature a Milano, Lombardia e non solo

Specialized services for events


Rossodisera, to allow a preview of the events, creates artistic sketches, 2D projects and 3D renderings, with great communicative value. We listen to customers' wishes and translate them into a visual preview of the project. We study spaces and find solutions for ad hoc arrangements. This will also make it easier to understand the impact of stage effects, light and atmosphere. We aim to enhance the project, raising its expressive quality.

Communication and graphics

Rossodisera Events takes care in detail of the services relating to the communication and graphics of the event, both public and private, through the creation of customized logos, coordinated images, brochures, invitations, placeholders, dedicated brochures, signs, with attention to detail. Everything you desire and imagine will become visible and transmit your tastes and requests. We aim to offer targeted and effective advertising of the event, capable of reaching the right recipients and intriguing new ones.

Flower design

Rossodisera Events offers and manufactures floral arrangements for your events, which can be delivered or processed on location. We listen to your requests and create, thanks to our experience and passion, a unique floral frame, which reflects your desires. Our creations range from bridal bouquets, to arrangements for weddings, ceremonies, business events, company meetings, exhibition stands, floral interior design, up to ad hoc arrangements. We are always looking for new shapes, structures and materials that combine art, design and color. For our brides, starting from a careful study of the elements and places that characterize the wedding, we study a real Wedding floral project.

Lighting design

Rossodisera Events deals with Lighting Design, or the design of everything concerning the light systems, whether natural, artificial or mixed, within the most varied environments. Starting from the concept that lighting completely transforms a room, we, with study and wise strategy, create the right atmosphere for every occasion and event, giving character and personality to the environment. The perfect lighting is the result of a combination of style and functionality: each light point is a precise choice of style. We attach importance to the aesthetics of the models, seen not only as tools at the service of comfort but also as furnishing accessories, taste and design. We carry out inspections at the spaces you want to illuminate, to give you our advice and put our experience at your service. We provide advice and assistance for the lighting of homes, historic villas, shops, offices, clubs, hotels, gardens and any other type of internal or external environment and on the spectacular use of light in urban installations, spectacular performances, cinema events, television and artistic.

Animation and show

Rossodisera Events takes care of providing animation for every event, public and private. From the animation of children's parties, to that for birthdays, theme parties, weddings, inaugurations, corporate events and ad hoc events, we offer solutions that can meet your requests, with a wide range of proposals designed according to age of the participants, the number, the space available and of course personal tastes. The professionalism of our entertainers will make your event, your company party or your wedding and bachelor or bachelor party reception a memorable, spectacular, unique and special moment and will guarantee joy, light-heartedness and guaranteed fun. In addition to offering entertainment services, we offer the possibility to rent ad hoc locations and furnishings to make your event even more unique. We guarantee maximum professionalism also in the choice of catering and restaurant services. Specifically, for children we provide theme parties (eg Cartoon Party, pirates, princesses, Disney), animation games, children's make-up, magic games, puppet theater, treasure hunt, sculptures with balloons, manual workshops, baby dance. For adults we provide entertainment with music, DJ animator, possibility of karaoke, group dances, acrobatic barman, magic games, caricaturist, waders, jugglers, music bands, dancers and dancers, lasers and fire shows.


Rossodisera Events offers various musical entertainment services to make an event even more special. From the wedding, to the private party, up to the corporate event, we offer live music (Italian and international) of all genres, animated by singers, bands, instrumentalists and DJ sets to involve all the guests and liven up the party. To these are added karaoke and group dances. Our work plan is adaptable to your needs, the type of guests and the location. We put customers with their desires, personal tastes and personalities at the center of the event. We also offer audio-light and animation services for children and adults.

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