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Rossodisera Events in italiano. Organizzazione eventi, noleggio arredi e attrezzature a Milano, Lombardia e non solo

ID 322 - 322,

Tipology: Showroom - Other
Dimensions: 250-450 m2
Position: Milan Center

Location of about 360 m2 just behind the important commerciale street corso Buenos Aires. It is suitable for photographic sessions and for events connected with fashion, but also for presentations, business parties and much more. It comprehends a main room, dominated by a large skylight with metal lattice structure which guarantees a strong natural illumination. Around the main room there are several minor rooms. One of them is particularly suited for fashion shows, due to the presence of many strong orientable spot lights and of various mobile walls (some of them covered with mirrors). The mobile walls can of course be used also in other areas of the location.
Other featurs of the location:
  • All parts of the location can be darkened
  • Professional illumination system in all areas
  • Audio system for background music
  • Possibility of parking areas
  • Security on demand
  • Backstage/dressing room
  • Three bathrooms in different styles
  • Fast internet connection, also wireless
  • Possibility to use also the outer open entrance floor
  • Forniture already present: two sofas, 4-5 tables and about 40 chairs of different kind
In case of parties the volume of the music has to be lowered at about 1.30.
The renting price for one day is between 2400 and 3200 Euros in case of events, between 1100 and 1400 Euros in case of photographic sessions.

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