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Rossodisera Events in italiano. Organizzazione eventi, noleggio arredi e attrezzature a Milano, Lombardia e non solo

ID 259 - 259,

Tipology: Showroom
Dimensions: 250-450 m2
Position: Milan From the Duomo by feet

Elegant location on two floors for a whole of about 300 m2
in the very central Manzoni street. Ideal for show rooms, presentations,
meetings, cultural events, photoshooting sessions.
Both parts of the location are very bright, due to the presence of large
window on both opposite sides. Characterized by a warm atmosphere they
offer a wonderful view over some of the most suggestive streets of Milan.
There is also a service room of about 25 m2.

Futher features:

  • Telephone lines

  • ADSL internet connection

  • Air conditioning

  • 50kW electrical implant


Rossodisera Events srl
Via Eugenio Curiel 47
20017 - Mazzo di Rho (MI)
Tel. +39-0249795950 - +39-3292168067
Fax: +39-0249795950
P.iva: 09498080960
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