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Rossodisera Events in italiano. Organizzazione eventi, noleggio arredi e attrezzature a Milano, Lombardia e non solo


Tipology: Industrial shed - Large space
Dimensions: > 450 m2
Position: Milan Periphery

The spaces are among the largest structures in Milan (the largest private one)
and are suitable also for large events. They are in the south east part of Milan.
Once an industrial complex, they comprehend various parts of different size
which can be rented separately or more then one at the same time.
It is possible to organize every kind of event, from the private party
to the ufficial business event. Where stated the renting price refer to the
standard time 8.00-2.00. In any case there are no time limitations.

  • 600 m2 location: Is divided in two rooms on two floors (ground floor
    and first floor), which can be rented also separately. The two rooms are connected
    outside by steel and crystal stairs, inside by secondary stairs.

  • 1800 m2 location: 1300 m2 at the ground floor,
    500 m2 at the first floor. Maximum admitted number of persones about 800.
    Furthermore 250 m2 for offices and dressing rooms and a covered court of
    about 275 m2. The location is characterized by large windows,
    and visible bricks and steal beams.

  • 2000 m2 location: Large room of about 2000 m2 which offers place
    up to 1600 persons. By virtue of the presence of three lines of columns,
    it can be easily divided in four aisles. Particularly suitable for large
    gala dinners and gala evenings.

  • 2500 m2 location: Unique open space with no columns or other interruptions.
    It is characterized by the presence of tiers of seats (for about 500 m2)
    on one of the short sides. Together with the 2000 m2 location it overlooks
    an internal court of about 550 m2.

  • 2800 m2 location: It is able to give place to up to 2200 persons.
    Internal height between 7 and 13,5 m. Covered 400 m2 large court in front
    of the entrance. 250 m2 service areas and lateral 200 m2 large area
    for catering.

  • 4400 m2 multilocation: Four areas of 800 m2 each, which can
    be rented also separately. Furthermore there are a balcony which goes all' along the buildings,
    two secondary areas os 350 m2 each and a covered 700 m2 large court,
    which connects the primary and the secondary areas.

All possible technical equipment already present or on demand.
For further information write us.

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20017 - Mazzo di Rho (MI)
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