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Rossodisera Events in italiano. Organizzazione eventi, noleggio arredi e attrezzature a Milano, Lombardia e non solo

ID 248 - 248,

Tipology: Art gallery Showroom Other
Dimensions: 250-450 m2
Position: Milan Broader center

Open space obtained from a former industrial hall in the south part of the city. The wooden roof and the red bricks of the wall create a pleasent contrast with the modern equipments present in the location.

The location, of about 250 m2 in the whole, is on three levels: the ground floor, the central intermediate floor of about 50 m2, and the basement floor. Furthermore there is also a small garden in front of the entrance toward the internal court. The large windows (on two opposite sides at the ground floor allow) a good natural illumination.

The location is suitable for events of different kind. In particular: show rooms (there is also a second entry direct on the street), photo- and videoshooting sessions, expositions and meetings. But it can also be used for dance lessons, by virtue of the presence of audio in all areas, mobile mirror walls, changing rooms.

In case of events the location can offers also dancers and coreographies created ad hoc.

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