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ID 244 - IF

Tipology: Loft
Dimensions: 150-250 m2
Position: Milan Periphery

New location of about 300 m2, plus an internal court, in Novegro,
just outside the estern bounaries of Milan, near the idroscalo. It comprehend an
open space of circa 170 m2, very bright by virtue of the presence of large
windows on both the opposite main sides, a meeting room with darkened glas walls
and various service rooms, among of which there are a reception, a terrace
and the court, with a further room in direct connection to it.

The interiors are characterized by linear and elegant shapes and by the presence
of many polished surfaces. There is also an electric cooker with induction
cooking plates, two refrigerators, a bar bench and various pieces of forniture,
of minimalistic design, but made of refined materials.

Other festures:

  • Bose audio system, with loudspeakers embedded in the
    ceiling and adjustable from a central controller

  • Illumination system with orientable spotlights embedded in the
    ceiling and adjustable from a central controller

  • Hidable projection screen and projector nice

  • Possibility of darkening the whole location

  • Tables and conference chairs for up to 100 persons

  • Wireless fast intenet connection

  • Digital screens

  • Private parking area for up to 50 cars

  • Air climatization

The location is suitable not only for conferences, meetings, photoshooting sessions,
business dinners, video clips, presentations, but also for private parties,
with music until late at night, as long as the company is in line
with the high level of the locatin.

The price has to be decided from time to time, depending from
the particular needs.

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